Dr. Akiko Sugahara Publishes Latest eBook: Teriyaki Recipes: Upgraded with Amazing New Ideas.

Dr. Akiko Sugahara Ph.D. has released her latest book in the series, “Akiko Sensei’s Healthy Recipes,” available now on the Amazon.com Kindle store. Co-authored by Mariko Watanabe, Teriyaki Recipes offers a new look at the traditional Japanese cooking style with more than 20 delicious recipes and full-color pictures.

Tokyo, JapanJuly 25, 2013Dr. Akiko Sugahara, Ph.D. today announced the release of her latest book in the Akiko Sensei’s Healthy Recipe series, Teriyaki Recipes: Upgraded with Amazing New Ideas. The book is available for download today in both English on the Amazon.com and in Japanese on the Amazon.co.jp website.

While most people in the West equate teriyaki with chicken, the truth is that teriyaki is a traditional Japanese cooking method used across a wide number of applications and proteins. Chicken, beef, pork, and seafood are all proteins that lend themselves to wonderful recipes using teriyaki sauce.

In Teriyaki Recipes: Upgraded with Amazing New Ideas, Dr. Sugahara and her co-author, Mariko Watanabe, teach people interested in Japanese cooking and cuisine how to use teriyaki in recipes for teriyaki spareribs, teriyaki scallops, and even sweet dishes like deep-fried rice cakes. Each recipe comes with a gorgeous full-color photograph of the finished product.

Teriyaki Recipes: Upgraded with Amazing New Ideas is available now for purchase and download via the Amazon.com Kindle ebook store. Just go to amazon.com and search using the keywords akiko sugahara to find her newest ebook.

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About Dr. Akiko Sugahara

For more than 30 years, Dr. Akiko Sugahara, Ph.D. has been a leader in Japanese science circles, producing studies and books on nutrition, anti-aging, health, beauty, menopause, and much more. Today, Akiko Sensei wants to share Japanese culture, health, and beauty secrets with the world through her books, AkikoSensei.com, and Facebook.



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