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One World Link is committed to helping you achieve world-class communications by developing your own global communications skills. Our mission is to be a bridge between your company and success on the world markets. We envision a future in which every Japanese business communicates effectively and persuasively on a global scale.

The Death of Human “Translation”
AI and machine translation are getting better every day. In the not-distant future, the bulk of translation work will be cheap instantaneous. What does that mean for the translation industry and Japanese business?
Since 2011, iinetto has been developing a platform for automated translation based on our own work. In 2018, we adopted AI and machine learning based on our advanced skills as global business English communicators. We continue to think about the future of translation and how best to offer efficient, effective services to our clients.
Today, One World Link is shifting away from “translation” toward new solutions that help our customers communicate across languages and cultures more effectively. We add value to our clients through world-class global communications, while helping clients develop their own skills and methods.

But, there are some things that automated translation will always have difficulty in providing. The true meaning and relationships behind language.
I have been involved in global communications for more than 15 years now. The more I work in this field, the more I realize that effective global communications relies on an understanding of the the cultures, customs, and contextual language of both the communicator and the listener. Machine translation and AI tend to imply an equivalence and direct communications that do not necessarily exist.
True communication will be more important than ever, as needs continue to rise. Today, we rarely see meaningful cross-border understanding between communicator and listener. True communication only happens through an intuitive comprehension on part of both parties, facilitated through correct language.
As global business English professionals, we focus obsessively on achieving this intuitive level of communications, helping you communicate and execute your global strategy successfully.

One World Link believes there is room for both automation and human intuition in translation. We have created a system that puts both in their proper place for maximum effectiveness.
We promise that we will continue to lead Japan as a model for global communications, growing together with you.
Let us help you with your investor relations, public relations, global communications, and global marketing needs. At the same time, we promise to do our part to contribute to a better global society through language.

We tell your story to the world.

One World Link Inc. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mia Omatsuzawa