A Message from CEO Mia Omatsuzawa

Our mission at One World Link is to providing outstanding communications while improving the global communications skills of our clients. We serve as an important bridge between Japan and the global markets.

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One World Link works with all of the world’s major languages. Most of our translators in Japan and overseas have at least five years of translation experience. We use translators who are skilled not only in the languages they translate, but who are well-versed in the subject areas they translate. After translations have been submitted, our bilingual Japanese reviewers crosscheck each translation for accuracy.

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Investor Relations Tool Planning and Production/Investor Relations Translation
Interpreter Services

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eigoINSIGHT is a distance learning program that helps you achieve a score of over 800 in the TOEICR exam while gaining proficiency in the kind of living English used by native speakers. Eric Jackson, a charismatic teacher and also the chief operating officer of One World Link, will share with you what it takes to master easy-to-understand and practical English.

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One World Link offers complementary reports analyzing the quality of your company’s vital translated documents. Our team evaluates the degree to which the content of these documents is understandable to native speakers.

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Our Team

Mia Omatsuzawa


It is our mission to provide you with foreign-language communications that get your message across.

Message from the CEO

Eric Jackson


We provide you with English-language writing that is understood worldwide.

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Hiroshi Matsuoka

eigoINSIGHT Instructor

We stand ready to assist you in the logical and easy-to-understand study of English grammar and to help you achieve a high TOEICR score.

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English Translation Quality Assessment Reports

As part of our outreach activities, One World Link is pleased to provide you with basic quality assessments of your company’s English-language materials. Whether your company already has a presence in the global market or if it intends to become a global player in the future, our native speaker professionals will carefully assess the degree to which your English-language materials accurately convey your company’s message.
Please take a look at the video by Eric Jackson, who is in charge of producing these reports at One World Link.

Go here to request a complementary English translation quality assessment report

Go here to request a complementary English translation quality assessment report

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