List of Services


One World Link works with all of the world’s major languages. Most of our translators in Japan and overseas have at least five years of translation experience. We use translators who are skilled not only in the languages they translate, but who are well-versed in the subject areas they translate. After translations have been submitted, our bilingual Japanese reviewers crosscheck each translation for accuracy.

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IR Web site planning and production
Quarterly Report
Summary of Financial Results Meeting
Annual Report
Invester’s Note
CSR Report
Create materials for overseas IR roadshow
News Release, etc

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One World Link has a large database of some of the world’s best interpreters. With easy-to-understand, detail-oriented support, we offer peace of mind, even to customers who may be retaining an interpreter for the first time. We are happy to provide you with interpreting services not only in Japan, but overseas as well.

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One World Link produces data all the way up to paste-up. We offer peace of mind because the paste-up data is carefully reviewed by native-speaker translators. We also handle printing.


One World Link provides planning and production design services for presentation materials, flyers, company brochures, websites, and other corporate communications tools intended for use in international markets.


Copy Writing
Press Release
Email, Blog, Social Media, PPC
Ebook (Kindle Directo Publishing)


eigoINSIGHT is a distance learning program that helps you achieve a score of over 800 in the TOEICR exam while gaining proficiency in the kind of living English used by native speakers. Eric Jackson, a charismatic teacher and also the chief operating officer of One World Link, will share with you what it takes to master easy-to-understand and practical English.

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  (Japanese only)