One World Link works with all of the world’s major languages. Most of our translators in Japan and overseas have at least five years of translation experience. We use translators who are skilled not only in the languages they translate, but who are well-versed in the subject areas they translate. After translations have been submitted, our bilingual Japanese reviewers crosscheck each translation for accuracy.

 Translation Specialties

We can handle it efficiently and professionally, in all the major spoken languages of the world. Tell us your needs for communicating in English, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Korean, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, German, and Japanese

*We also handle other languages. Please inquire.
*Please understand that it may take a little longer for us to complete your translation in languages where there are few translators available.


Of course, we can help you with any of your communication needs, but at One World Link, we have particular experience in certain specialty fields.

  • Business Documents
  • Business Letter
    Project Proposal/Planning Project
    Marketing Collateral
    Company Profile
    Seminar Materials
    Sales Manuals
    Annual Reports
    Market Reports, Consumer Surveys
    Newsletter, Column, Article, etc

  • Finance, Investing Documents
  • Investor Relations, Financial Reports
    Economic Reports
    Investor Reports
    Statistical Analyses

  • Technical Documents
  • Instruction manual, Catalog
    Design Drawing, Assembly Drawing
    Manual, etc

  • Advertisements/Promotional Materials
  • Press Releases
    Magazine/Newspaper Articles

  • Medical Documents
  • Medical Device and Other Equipment Manuals/Catalogs
    Scholarly Papers/Essays
    Medical Documents/Articles
    Clinical Data/Medical Data, etc

  • Legal Documents
  • Contracts and Agreements
    Government Forms/Filling

  • Scholarly Papers
  • Research Reports
    Experimental Data/Reports
    Lecture and Presentation Materials

 Document Layout

  • Simple Layout
  • All of our communications work includes simple document layout for easiest reading.

    • Advanced Layout
    • Need tables, charts, or illustrations included in your communications? We can do that, too.
      We handle files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Illustrator, InDesign, and other desktop publishing software.


      • Glossary
      • Make sure you're consistent in your messaging. We'll make a complete glossary for you, working with your corporate communications team to create a standard language for your company.

        • Certificate of Translation
        • Some government agencies and other organizations require a Certificate of Translation for translated materials. One World Link can issue certificates in Japanese, English, and other languages. Just ask!

           We handle all major software and media types

          o We do our utmost to deliver your project to you in the format you want. MS Word, PDF, Illustrator, InDesign, PowerPoint, Keynote, and almost any media format you can think of...we can work with it.

        • Delivered Formats
        • Operating Systems
        • Windows,Mac,Unix

        • Application Software
        • Microsoft(Word, PowerPoint, Excel)、PageMaker、QuarkXPress、 Acrobat、 Illustrator 、Dreamweaver, etc.

        • File Formats
        • All major application software, text, HTML, XML, XHTML, PDF, RTF, SGML, Helpfile, etc.

        • Delivered Media
        • E-mail, FTP, CD-R, DVD-R, MO, ZIP, Flash Memory, Hard copy, etc

           Your Project

          Once we get your project, we create a dedicated team and get to work! A typical project team might consist of a project leader, a main translator, and a bilingual editor. Other projects could involve a copywriter or a technical writer, a designer, and a desktop publishing pro. Whatever it takes, we'll make sure you have a truly successful project at a quality that can't be matched by a typical "word-mill" translation company. That's our way of saying if you're looking for the cheapest option available, we aren't it. If you're looking for communications that can actually grow your business, then let's talk!

          STEP 1 Get in touch
          Fill out the form below, or give us a call. Of course we speak English! (And we're very friendly)

          STEP 2 Estimate, Scheduling
          After we're sure we understand your goals, we plan, schedule, and estimate the fees for your project. We're happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement if your project requires.

          STEP 3 Translation
          1.Process Agreement → 2.Team Selection → 3.Decide Details (tone, verbiage, etc.) → 4.Work, work, work!

          STEP 4 Translation check
          After translations have been submitted, our bilingual Japanese reviewers crosscheck each translation for accuracy.

          STEP 5 Rewriting
          The translation is checked by a bilingual reviewer and rechecked by the translator. The translation is corrected and rewritten by the translator as needed.

          STEP 6 Final Review
          After the translation has been corrected and rewritten, a bilingual reviewers checks it over one more time to complete the project.

          STEP 7 Processing, Delivery
          If your project requires, we'll put the translation into the final delivery format. We can handle any production or printing needs you might have, too.

          STEP 8 Customer Acceptance Inspection
          Our customers have up to one month to review and inspect translations.

          STEP 9 Payment
          After acceptance inspections have been completed, we will issue an invoice and request payment.

          STEP 10 Feedback, Referrals
          We know you'll be so happy with our work, you'll want to refer us to others! We can talk about you next project, too.

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