Sharpen your international sensitivity by working with native-speaker staff

 Now hiring staff members!

You can certainly learn a lot in college. But you’re not making the best use of your time if you don’t also develop some real-world business skills.
You say you want to take on new challenges? To develop your global business chops? To mix with people working at world-class companies? To have a richer, more fulfilling life?
One World Link may be the place for you, and we’re hiring!

Who we’re looking for:

  • People who show leadership in working on and taking on challenges
  • People who have a positive attitude
  • People who have open minds and who can move past old ways of thinking
  • People who are interested in overseas markets
  • People who have a strong command of their native language


  • Answering telephones and working with visitors
  • Email communications with customers
  • Marketing support through social media and blogging
  • Taking meeting minutes
  • Participating in events and seminars
  • Support for One World Link-sponsored seminars
  • Recruitment of translators and reviewers
  • Preparation of presentation materials

What One World Link can do for you:

  • Global business-oriented skills
  • Foreign language ability (mainly English)
  • Presentation capabilities (in English, if you so desire)
  • Specialized knowledge about website building, desktop publishing, and online marketing
  • This is an opportunity for you to become a full-time, employee of One World Link

Send this information to the One World Link recruitment manager:

■Required information:
Resume (education, work history, special qualifications, and achievements)
*Attach copies of any certificates attesting to your qualifications.

 Policies regarding the collection and use of personal information

(1) Personal information that you provide will be used to respond to your application, to transmit materials to you, and to provide you with information as part of the hiring process.
(2) Personal information will not be provided to third parties (with the exception of One World Link contractors) without your consent for any purpose other than the above.